Be present in the “now”

*This poem is beyond all relationships…….*
_When I’m dead…..,_

_Your tears will flow,.._

_But I won’t know…_

*Cry for me now instead!*
_You will send flowers,.._

_But I won’t see…_

*Send them now instead!*
_You’ll say words of praise,.._

_But I won’t hear.._

*Praise me now instead!*
_You’ll forget my faults,…._

_But I won’t know….._

*Forget them now, instead!*
_You’ll miss me then,…_

_But I won’t feel…_

*Miss me now, instead*
_You’ll wish…_

_You could have spent more time with me,…_

*Spend it now instead!*
_You’ll wish…_

_You could have spent all your money on me…_

*Spend now instead!!*
_When you hear I’m gone, you’ll find your way to my house to pay condolence but we haven’t even spoken in years…._

*Pls look for me now!!*


*”Spend time with every person around you, and help them with whatever you have to make them happy!! your families, friends, acquaintance…..* 
*Make them feel Special. Because you never know when time will take them away from you forever”..*
_What is Life for?_ 
*Life is too short.*

*Love all and Forgive all.*

Character, let’s try teach it to our children

Let not our children grow as any seed that happens by the stream. Let’s intentionally parent them. And if we see fault in ourselves, or are alerted regarding our flaws in character, let’s choose to change. No one, but a fool, is too old or young to make a positive change. To become better persons. It does you no good to read many books and increase your knowledge and understanding of complex matters yet you remain “half-boiled” in people relations, simple decorum and that spark that makes you desirable company. Why be a leader in whatever capacity yet in the simple things everyone would prefer any other company but yours?  It bites to know that your jokes are only funny to those who must lick your boots to survive. Before those boots fall off and you are no longer the “main ingredient”, clean up your act. 

“The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; to be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not a bully; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humour, but without folly” ( American Entrepreneur Jim Rohn) 

Let us aspire to grow in the spheres that make the existence of the next person better. Let us also have the strength to be positive influences in the face of all this negativity. The world has enough fault finders, let’s try fill the gap of positive energy! 

Someone sent me the 15 principles below and I must admit that they give me loads of advise so often…

πŸ’¬ Stay Away From Anger… It Hurts ….Only You !

πŸ’¬ If You Are Right Then There is No Need to Get Angry …

πŸ’¬ And If You Are Wrong Then You Don’t Have Any Right to Get Angry.

πŸ’¬ Patience With Family is Love …..

πŸ’¬ Patience With Others is Respect.

πŸ’¬ Patience With Self is Confidence And Patience With GOD is Faith.

πŸ’¬ Never Think Hard About The PAST , It Brings Tears…

πŸ’¬ Don’t Think More About The FUTURE , It Brings Fear…

πŸ’¬ Live This Moment With A Smile , It Brings Cheer.

πŸ’¬ Every Test in Our Life Makes Us Bitter Or Better …..

πŸ’¬ Every Problem Comes To Make Us Or Break Us !

πŸ’¬ The Choice is Ours Whether We Become Victims Or Victorious.

πŸ’¬ Beautiful Things Are Not Always Good But Good Things Are Always Beautiful ……

πŸ’¬ Do You Know Why God Created Gaps between Fingers ? So That Someone , Who is Special To You , Comes And Fills Those Gaps , By Holding Your Hand Forever.

πŸ’¬ ” Happiness ” Keeps You …. Sweet But Being Sweet Brings Happiness.


Count sheep if you must….

September is not yet here. So the status quo at State House remains. What is true character and humility? 
It might be your behavior when you are the First Lady and you stand in line at 5:45am for a polling station that shall open at 6:00am. You could well have demand that the queue be held back to accommodate your reception. But you did not. You waited fifteen minutes in the chill to opening time and a further four hrs before you could cast your vote. You were cold. You were rained on. You waited.  Yet you did not have to…

What I ask, breeds and  nurtures humility of this kind? Is it inborn or acquired? You tell me. 

I waited three and a half hours to vote…, only across the highway from the First Ladies polling station of St. Marys. By then the sun was warm and the drizzle long ended.  But I huffed and puffed and made snide comments about any irrelevant discomfort. 

If the humility exhibited by our First Lady is an acquired habit, I wish to stand in line to acquire it. May we all train our minds towards patience and banish this sense of entitlement that is just so ugly. Count sheep if you must…..