01.01.2018 @ 00.01

At the stroke of midnight, the moon stood guard, lighting up the precious first seconds of the first day of the new year 2018. Mmh..the night has its own special appeal even in its black and grey hues.

It looked like any other night, any other new day. But it seems we attach a lot of importance to the first anything. Did anyone record the last minute of the last year? Does “finishing” not matter as much as “starting” does? Is that why we start so many things and leave them incomplete, excitedly running into the next “new”? Supposing there was only the first day and then we counted on and on, no cycles? Would we treasure our days more, knowing there would never be another cycle? Cycles make us believe that there’s a next time. Is there ever really a next time. Would we appreciate this time if we believed there would never be another like it?

My Lone ranger

Flamingoes are gregarious wading birds, They live in large flocks in aquatic areas. A group of flamingoes is called a “pat”.

I thought I was at L. Naivasha only to discover that what was once a part of L. Naivasha is now it’s own lake…,Lake Oloiden. This is a saline volcanic lake that produces spirulina, the bacteria which is the main food for lesser flamingoes.

So what was this flamingo doing all alone in the early evening? Has it left the “pat” in preparation for death? Is it sick? All day I had watched so many flamingoes and other birds flying around, but no loner. And because they were so many, I saw them but did not really see them as individuals till the Lone Ranger appeared.

Sometimes our uniqueness gets lost in the crowd. While in a “pat” would this flamingo still have had space to be alone? Does a flamingo experience aloneness in a crowd as we so often do?

Maybe tonight I shall get the opportunity to ask my Lone Ranger flamingo, though the last time I tried to approach him he flew away. I think he doesn’t get taken in by ‘forward Ladies”.

So in the afternoon I got an opportunity to go out on the lake and look for my Friend the Lone Ranger. And in my 30 minutes of sailing I saw 2 flamingoes ang uncountable scoops, pods or squadrons of Pelicans. So it seems this lake now has a greater population of Pelicans than Flamingoes hence the lonesome swim by my Lone Ranger .

Till next time my friend the Lone Ranger of lovely lake Oloiden.

Life is not fair but it is still fairer than death.

In our DNA, there seems to be a precondition that we be treated in a fair manner. No, not fair but rather that we be treated well. We feel entitled. Not because we dish out the same but simply just because!

Once in a while however, we come across a true gem of a human being. One who bends over backwards in the service of others. For no benefit at all except that gratifying feeling of having been useful. Of serving another. And we wonder what drives this kind of soul. Oftentimes we put it down to that life is so easy for that person that they really can’t behave differently. Until their reality crawls out of the woodwork. And the story of their struggle is revealed. Their brokenness is laid bare. You realize that not everyone pays back by the same unfair measure. At this point you brash them off as a square peg. It’s difficult to understand how one who has suffered so much, and probably continues to, can chose to be a sun-ray to so many. It doesn’t sit well.

Ahaaaa! Why I cannot be like them is because I need to have known sorrow to recognize joy. So because I have not gone through such trauma, I really cannot be expected or called upon to be so nice.

Why do we try so hard to interrogate why people are nice? Let’s live life as best we can. At the end of it all, “life is not fair, but it is still fairer than death.”

..in all the unfairness, deep in there is the real purpose, the reason that justifies it all. Still seeking.