The Aquarian swan?

Indeed we are creatures of habit. And when the bug bites and you find that special place where you find your rhythm it is a sure score that you shall return. Again and again. You find a reason, any reason! It’s a feeling you can’t fight with because however hard you fight, it shall beat you. So you concede before trying and flee to your brain place of oneness. And at every visit you shall be overwhelmed by the overpowering sense of completeness..of finding your centre. You breathe and feel the oneness with your special place. You are one with nature in such a complete way, such a new way, your body is no longer the hindrance because you feel as if you merge with the universe unencumbered. You seem to taste the flowing water without siping it, because it filters into you as it flows, as if you were submerged in it and it was flowing through your very being. A special place to call your own, a place where you merge. A place where you renew yourself. But I’m Aquarian..a water-bearer.., and the waters’ allure is beyond me. Is it my Achilles heel? Whenever she beckons, I run….